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1. Installing CDRoller
2. Uninstalling CDRoller
3. Opening and Closing CDRoller
4. How to register the program
5. How to upgrade CDRoller
6. Recovering CD/DVD/BD Data
6.1. Disk recognition
6.2. Using Session Selector
6.3. Searching the lost UDF files on CD-R/DVD-R/DVD+R disks
6.4. Applying Scan UDF Disc
6.5. Recovering files
6.6. Recovering DVD video and photos
6.7. Recovering files from UDF discs in ISO mode
6.8. Retrieving the photos from mini discs created by Sony Mavica CD cameras
6.9. Identifying Raw ISO Data
6.10. Burning recovered data
7. Additional features
7.1. Testing Disc
7.2. Extracting Audio Tracks
7.3. Extracting ISO Image File
7.4. Creating Short CD/DVD image
7.5. Examining disc sectors at low level
7.6. Extended Data Recovery
7.7. Use image file to manage disc sectors
7.8. Viewing Images
7.9. Scan files
7.10. Reading Disk Image Files
8. FAQs
8.1. License and purchase
8.2. Installation
8.3. Opening CDRoller
8.4. Reading UDF Discs
8.5. Recovering disc data
8.6. Reading mini DVD-R discs created by Hitachi DVD camcorders
8.7. Retrieving the photos from mini discs created by Sony Mavica CD cameras
8.8. Recovering video data off the discs created by DVD recorders (standalone devices)
8.9. Reading mini DVDs created by Sony DVD Camcorders
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